Forms for HR Staff

​Forms and Templates

Appeal Form (CH-41) (Word PDF)

Application for Employment (Word PDF)

Bypassing​ Progressive Discipline Letter

Conflict of Interest Statement (LHP-25)

Demotion Due to No Show Letter

Demotion After a Meeting Letter

Directive To Vacate Premises

Director Selection Checklist (LHP-19)

Director Signature Authorization (LHP-16)

Dismissal After a Meeting Letter

Dismissal Due to No Show Letter

Dismissal With No Meeting Letter

Educational Leave Agreement (LHP-10)

Employee Layoff Notification (LHP-22)

Employee Status Quick Glance

Exit Interview Questionnaire (LHP-26)

Failure To Report to Work For 3 Days

FMLA Forms

Grievance Form (LHP-15)

Grievance Policy Template (LHP-14)

I-9 Form

Intent to Demote Letter

Intent to Dismiss Letter

Intent to Suspend Letter

Interview Criminal History Statement

Interviewer Conflict of Interest Statement (LHP-25)

Interview Worksheet

Layoff Request Template (LHP-23)

Leave for Investigative Purposes

LHD Policy Suggestions

New Employee Orientation (LHP-17)

Onboarding Buddy

Onboarding Checklists

Onboarding Planning Tool

Onboarding Tools and Resources

Overtime​ Compensation Election Form

Payment of Accumulated TIme (LHP-04)

Performance Evaluations

  • 080 Performance Evaluation - (WordPDF)

  • 096 Performance Evaluation - (WordPDF)

Performance Improvement Plan (LHP-12)

Personnel Action Request (LHP-24)

Position Description (LHP-08)

Probationary Period Dismissal Letter

Probationary Period Extension Letter

Recruitment Process Checklist (LHP-20)

Reorganization/Layoff Template (LHP-09)

Return to Work Template (LHP-13)

Sick Leave Donation Form (LHP-02)​​

Sick Leave Sharing Form (LHP-01)

Suspension After a Hearing Letter

Suspension Due to No Show Letter

Suspension With No Meeting Letter

Transfer Request Template (LHP-06)

Tuition Reimbursement

Verbal Admonishment

Verification of Personal or Family Illness Requirement (LHP-18)

Voting Leave Verification (LHP-03)

Written Admonishment

Additional Information