Employment with a Local Health Department

Local health departments (LHDs) throughout the state advertise vacancies to recruit qualified employees. To be considered for a position with an LHD, an application for employment must be submitted through the online Workday Kentucky Public Health Career Site b​y the closing date of the position advertisement.

​The Local Health Personnel Branch in Frankfort reviews submitted information to determine if an applicant meets the minimum education and experience requirements. Applicants are notified of the review results by email. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are placed on a register used by the recruiting LHD to select applicants to interview for the vacant position. An applicant may remain on the register for one year from the date the register is established, unless the health department exhausts the register, or until the applicant has been considered three times, declined an interview or failed to reply.

Most advertisements for LHD vacancies have a closing date by which applications must be received. Some difficult-to-fill LHD positions remain on open recruitment status. Applications are accepted continuously for these positions.

Applicants for LHD employment do not have the right to appeal decisions and actions related to their application except as provided in 902 KAR 8:110, section 1. This administrative regulation allows appeals only from applicants who believe their applications were rejected due to illegal discrimination. An appeal form must be completed and returned within 30 days of the date on which the notification was sent.

If you have technical problems submitting an application please contact the LHD to which you wish to apply. 

LHD contact information

You also may email the Local Health Personnel Branch for information and assistance.


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