Local Health Departments

Public Health Protection and Safety

The Division of Public Health Protection and Safety includes programs related to the enforcement of public health regulations for environmental health and community safety.

Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics

The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics collects, preserves and protects certificates for all births, deaths, marriages, divorces and stillbirths and issues certified copies. Kentucky's Vital Statistics Law provides for and legalizes the registration of births and deaths. The Vital Statistics Branch records and provides for each person born in Kentucky a means to establish legal identity, age, parentage and nationality. It also makes available a legal document of the date, place and cause of every death occurring in the state and provides a central repository for records of certain other vital events.

Local Health Personnel Branch

The Local Health Personnel (LHP) Branch works to ensure employees in the local health departments (LHD) and applicants receive the highest quality human resource services. The LHP Branch specifically addresses the areas of employment counseling, applicant processing, civil rights, maintaining and updating selection criteria, maintaining employee records, creation of job classifications and salary computation.

Information related to LHD holidays can be found at the Local Health Personnel Branch website.

Local Health Operations Branch

The Local Health Operations (LHO) Branch provides guidance to LHDs. This includes processing requests for security access to the LHD clinical network systems; proper documentation of medical records and management of LHD forms; guidance related to the completion of Patient Encounter Form entries; appropriate medical coding; and third-party billing error resolution for the Kentucky Medicaid Preventive Health Program. LHO also serves as liaison among LHDs and DPH programs to coordinate LHD contract reviews and management of AFM division webpages and the DPH Intranet site.

Budget Branch

The Budget Branch is divided into the State Budget Section and the Local Health Budget Section. The mission of this branch is to provide total financial oversight of the budgets of both the Department for Public Health and the LHDs.

LHD Budget Forms and Documents

KEHP LivingWell Health Department Champs

Information related to the partnership between KEHP and LHDs can be found at the LivingWell Health Department Champs webpage.

Links to Local Health Departments

Below are links to LHDs with websites. If you are associated with an LHD and your website is not listed, please send the website address to Jason Boling.

LHD Pool Construction Checks

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Videos

CDC-TV is a video-sharing site on CDC.gov that hosts short, consumer-friendly videos that can be watched, downloaded and shared.  View CDC videos.

Additional Information

LHD staff are encouraged to regularly review PORTAL News for updates and announcements.

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