Contracts and Payments Branch

The Contracts and Payments Branch is responsible for funding local health departments throughout the commonwealth and insuring that state and federal funds are allocated and paid in accordance with Department for Public Health administrative policy and federal guidelines as well as adherence to mandated guidelines from the Finance and Administration Cabinet.

Programs and Services

The Contracts and Payments Branch provides technical support to the local health departments on allocations, payments and contracts as well as other state contracted public health vendors.

Contract Section

The Contract Section processes grant transactions annually to local health departments as well as develops  memoranda of agreement with the local health departments. The section creates six multi-provider agreements in eMARS for local health departments.  In addition, the section tracks all contract personnel for the Department for Public Health.

Payment Section 

The Payment Section is responsible for processing payments to local health departments annually. The section distributes a semi-monthly electronic funds transfer report to the local health departments and a monthly grants and payments report. The section reconciles the branch grants and payments database with eMARS; bills, tracks, and other fees from various providers. The section is also responsible for all inventory, fixed assets, surplus property and all e-Mars fixed asset reporting for the entire Department for Public Health.

The Contracts and Payments Branch may be contacted by calling (502) 564-6663 and selecting Option 3.

Additional Information