Department for Aging and Independent Living

Oversees administration of statewide programs and services on behalf of Kentucky elders and individuals with disabilities.

A multi-generational family is walking through the park together

Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Provides leadership to prevent disability, build resilience in individuals and their communities and facilitate recovery for people affected by mental illness, substance abuse or intellectual or developmental disability.

Two members of a family hug each other in a therapist's office

Department for Community-Based Services

Administered through nine service regions and offices serving all 120 Kentucky counties. In addition, the agency uses a network of contract officials to deliver services, such as child care. Service is enhanced through a close relationship and coordination with community partners.

A man and woman smile at each other while packing donation boxes for the community

Department for Income Support

Provides child support enforcement and disability income determination.

Closeup of a parent and child's hands holding a paper-cutout family

Department for Medicaid Services

Provides health care for eligible, low-income people. Program beneficiaries include children, families, pregnant women, the aged and the disabled.

An in-home nurse looks at a tablet with an elder woman

Department for Public Health

Develops and operates state public health programs and activities for the citizens of Kentucky. The mission of the agency is to improve the health and safety of people in Kentucky through prevention, promotion and protection.

A family sits around the couch as they discuss some paperwork

Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Provides direct medical care from pediatric specialty providers, newborn hearing screening and follow-up, early intervention service coordination (KIPDA Region only), care coordination services, and support for families of children and youth with special health care needs.

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