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Improve the health and safety of Kentuckians through prevention, promotion and protection

Kentucky Board of Health

​​​​​​​​​​​​Board of Health​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boards of health play an important role in Kentucky's Public Health system. Working alongside the public health director, Kentucky boards have statutory duties, which include enforcing public health laws, promoting and protecting the community's health and overseeing a public health workforce. It's important to understand public health to address the population'​​'s challenges and needs. For this reason, the Kentucky Department for Public Health has developed several resources to help you navigate your role as a board member.​

Board of Health Manual

Current or Newly Appointed Board Members

Board of Health Manual

The Board of Health Manual was developed to provide board members with an introduction to the field of public health, a comprehensive explanation of Board of Health governance, and your role as a board member.


These videos are provided to introduce board members to important information that you will need to understand your role on the Board of Health. To view the videos, you will need to establish a TRAIN account.

  • Welcome to Kentucky Public Health (TRAIN #1115991) This video, narrated by Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Steven Stack, provides an introduction to the science of public health, an overview of Kentucky’s Executive Branch of government, including the public health infrastructure, and what it means to serve as a member of a board of health.
  • Introduction to Public Health Transformation (TRAIN #1115996) This video, narrated by Public Health Transformation Director, Jan Chamness, provides a detailed description of public health transformation – Kentucky’s “call to action” to overhaul Kentucky’s public health system.

Open Meetings Training

  • Open Meetings Training This training is designed to give an overview of the Kentucky Open Meetings Act: KRS 61.800 to KRS 61.850.

Open Records/Open Meetings

  • Open Records/Open Meetings Laws A summary of the laws pertaining to Kentucky's Open Records and Open Meetings Acts, and how those laws have been interpreted by the Attorney General and the courts.

Prospective Board Members

Board of Health Nomination Process

Statutes and Regulations

  • KRS 212.020 - County Health Boards, appointments and membership
  • KRS 212.230 - Powers and duties of county, city-county and district health boards
  • KRS 212.640 - Definition of city-county board

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