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Board of Health

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Thank you for your interest in your local board of health. Boards of health in Kentucky play an important role in the Kentucky Public Health system including establishing local public health tax rate, hiring the local public health director, and collaborating with the local public health director in the strategic oversight of the local health department. Volunteer board of health members are integral to promoting healthier Kentuckians and healthier communities. 

On behalf of the Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) appoints members to 118 of the 120 county or city-county boards of health (BOH) pursuant to  KRS 212.020 and KRS 212.640. Fayette and Jefferson County board members are appointed by the mayor and fiscal court respectively. The composition of a district BOH is defined in KRS 212.855

Board of Health appointment terms are for two years beginning Jan. 1 and ending Dec. 31 the following calendar year. There is no restriction on the number of terms an individual may serve, but each member’s term has an end date, and they must be renominated and reappointed for a new term every two years. If a current BOH member fails to be re-nominated their term does not automatically continue.

Even-numbered years:
dentists, ​​
pharmacists, and 
fiscal court appointees. 

Odd-numbered years: 
veterinarians, and; 

Professional members must maintain a current Kentucky license in the profession relevant to their respective board seat. Nominees must also reside in the county they will be serving. If professionals in the county are unavailable to serve, the Commissioner of Public Health may at his/her discretion appoint a resident layperson to the vacancy. Individuals appointed off-cycle to fill a vacancy will serve until the end of the current two-year term designated for their respective seat.

Nominations are submitted online during September and October. Online nomination submission must be made by Nov. 1.  The online nomination form is located here. For questions or assistance in completing the nomination form, please contact the public health director for the relevant county.

Appointed members will be notified by the Local Health Department in December prior to the Jan. 1 start of their term.


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