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​​​​​COVID-19 Telehealth

Telehealth Statutes and Regulations

​Practice Guidelines and Position Statements

Licensure Compacts

KRS 311.6208 Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

KRS 314.475 Nurse Licensure Compact 

KRS 327.300 Physical Therapy Licensure Compact

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care: A Primer and Provider Selection Guide - LeadingAge

Long-Term Care

Using Telehealth, mHealth Technology to Help Seniors Age in Place New

Long-Term Care in America: Increasing Access to Care

Rural Telehealth and Broadband Access

The Circle That is Telehealth

Telehealth and Social Work

Coming to a State Near You

Antibiotic Overprescribing and Telemedicine

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Telehealth and Infectious Disease

Telemedicine Helps Hospitals Gain Infectious Disease Expertise

 University Telehealth Websites

University of Kentucky TeleCare

University of Louisville Telehealth





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