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Disqualifying Offenses

The National Background Check Program bases all criminal history fitness determinations on the NBCP regulation 906 KAR 1:190

A list of disqualifying offenses can be found by clicking on the link below.

Complete List of Disqualifying Offenses

More information on how to appeal a not-eligible fitness determination for a conviction on the applicant’s background check

If an applicant believes their state criminal history information is in error, the applicant can contact Kentucky State Police Criminal Dissemination Section at (502) 227-8700.

An applicant who feels any out of state criminal record is inaccurate must contact the out of state agency responsible for that data.

Registry Checks

The National Background Check Program uses existing databases to check for licensing records and abuse information. The KARES system will also link employers with all other available licensure boards for verification checks. Applicants who have been disqualified at the licensing or registry check should contact the appropriate registry or licensing board if the applicant believes the results are in error.

Applicants may use the following contact information for abuse registries automatically matched through the KARES system:

Kentucky Nurse Aide and Home Health Abuse Registry 
Call Toll-free 1-888-530-1919
Visit their website here

Kentucky Caregiver Misconduct and Kentucky Child Abuse Registries 
Contact the Office of the Ombudsman 
By Telephone:  (502) 564-5497 or 1 (800) 372-2973
1 (800) 627-4702 (TTY) 
Visit their website here

Federal List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE)
Call at (202) 691-2311 
Visit their website here

The sites below are not auto-match features in KARES; they are required manual searches:

Kentucky Sex Offender Registry
Contact Kentucky State Police at (502) 782-9937
Visit their website here

National Sex Offender Registry
Visit their website here

Contact Information

For general inquiries or more information about the National Background Check Program or KARES web portal, please contact the KARES Helpdesk at (502) 564-2159 or by email.