KARES Provider Information

​​Accessing the KARES Web Portal

The KARES Web portal is accessed through a secured gateway called the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG). Each user will need to create a KOG user account to access the KARES system.

Only licensed facilities that are eligible to participate will be able to create a KARES Portal Account. To enroll in the program and begin using the KARES portal, please see the document below on how to create your  KARES user account.

A corporate email address should be used when creating your KARES portal user account.  The KARES Helpdesk will deny unauthorized requests.

Once inside the KARES system, access the KARES user guide and training videos by clicking the Help link located at the top of the screen.

Users who are unable to locate facility information necessary to complete user account setup, may need to imported. If you are unable to locate facility information, please email the KARES Helpdesk.

National Background Check Required Forms

Employers participating in the National Background Check Program must complete an applicant self-disclosure form, OIG 1:190-B and complete a waiver agreement and statement form, OIG 1:190-C. These forms are found in the KARES Web portal.  For childcare providers, contact the Department for Community Based Services.

Background Check Process

  • Employer logs into the KARES portal and submits job application information.
  • Immediate response from KARES checking:
    • Abuse registries
    • Professional licensure status 
  • If the applicant is not disqualified due to the registry and licensure check, the employer submits an online payment for fingerprint background check.
  • Applicant receives email and schedules appointment to be fingerprinted.
  • Applicant takes government issued photo ID to the fingerprint appointment.
  • Upon submission of fingerprints employer may hire applicant provisionally for 60 days while awaiting background check results.
  • NBCP staff receive and review results of the state and FBI background check and make a fitness determination.
  • Provider may view the fitness determination in the KARES web portal along with any available state criminal history report (once service is available from KSP).
  • If disqualified, NBCP notifies applicant with explanation of the appeals process and applicant rights to receive a copy of their criminal history report.

Contact Information

For general inquiries or more information about the National Background Check Program or KARES web portal, please contact the KARES Helpdesk at (502) 564-2159 or contact KARES by email.​

Additional Information