Abortion-Inducing Drug Certification Program

​Abortion-Inducing Drug Certification

This program was required by the legislature through the 2022 enactment of HB 3 in order to oversee and regulate the distribution and dispensing of abortion-inducing drugs. A manufacturer, distributor, pharmacy, or abortion facility is required​ to obtain certification by CHFS in order to transport, supply, sell, or dispense abortion-inducing drugs. Additionally, only a qualified physician registered with CHFS may provide abortion-inducing drugs to a pregnant person. A registered physician in Kentucky can only prescribe an abortion-inducing drug to prevent the substantial risk of death of the pregnant woman, or to save a life-sustaining organ of a pregnant woman. KRS 216B.208 imposes fines of up to $5,000,000 for violations. See 902 KAR 20:365 and KRS 216B.200 to 216B.210 for more information.


Physicians Only:

Manufacturers, Distributors, Pharmacies, and Abortion Facilities

KRS 216B.210 allows complaints to be filed regarding potential violations of KRS 216B.200 to 216B.210, such as by failing to be registered or certified by CHFS before transporting, supplying, selling, dispensing, or providing abortion-inducing drugs.

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