Kentucky Medicaid Waiver Management Application

What It Is

The Medicaid Waiver Management Application (MWMA) is used to enroll individuals in Kentucky Medicaid 1915(c) Home and Community Based (HCBS) waiver programs and manage their care.

MWMA is one of several initiatives designed to help the Cabinet for Health and Family Services improve its HCBS programs by identifying and working toward seven improvement objectives:

  1. Streamline the way individuals and authorized representatives access and apply for services (i.e., no wrong door).
  2. Provide a portal for individuals and/or their representatives to access their information.
  3. Ensure the right people are enrolled in the right programs.
  4. Once enrolled, ensure individuals receive the services they need.
  5. Optimize individual care needs information sharing among authorized direct providers and reduce paperwork.
  6. Allow for faster authorization of services and eliminate faxing.
  7. Implement CMS final rules for 1915(c) HCBS waiver programs.

Using MWMA

All 1915(c) HCBS waiver regulations mandate the use of MWMA. All new waiver applications, level-of-care requests and plan-of-care requests must be submitted through MWMA. Paper or verbal processes no longer are accepted. 1915(c) HCBS waiver providers and case managers also are required to use MWMA to report incidents involving waiver participants.

Accessing MWMA

DMS has expanded MWMA access to all 1915(c) HCBS waiver provider agency staff who provide direct services to waiver participants. You must have an MWMA username and password to access the system. If you do not have access, please contact the organizational administrator for your provider agency. 

MWMA User Support  

MWMA training materials are available on the MWMA Training Portal. Materials include the MWMA user guides, job aids, tip sheets and web-based training courses. Individuals must be registered to access the training portal. You can request access to the training portal by sending your name and email address to the MWMA mailbox.

If you encounter technical issues, system error messages or have general questions about MWMA, please email the MWMA Technical Contact Center or call toll-free at (844) 784-5614, option #1. Issues not resolved by the Technical Contact Center will be escalated to the MWMA production support team. 

For assistance with other issues related to Kentucky Medicaid 1915(c) HCBS waiver programs, please view our Who to Call listing