KyHealth Cards

Medicaid Recipient Information:

What is the KYHealth card?
The KYHealth card is a plastic card that will be used instead of the paper Medicaid cards you use now.  You will keep it as long as you get medical assistance from the state.  Do NOT throw away the plastic card!  You will not get any more paper cards.  Each person will get one plastic KYHealth card to keep.

When will I receive my KYHealth card?
All those enrolled in Medicaid will receive a KYHealth Card by July 1, 2005.

What does "Permanent" Plastic Card mean?
This means you should never throw away the card.  This does NOT mean that you will always have Medicaid.  You will only use the card when you qualify for Medicaid Services.

How will the KYHealth card work?
You will need to show this card when you go to the doctor, pharmacy, hospital, or anywhere else for medical care.  Remember, just because you have a KYHealth card does not mean that you qualify for Medicaid coverage.  You must continue to work with your DCBS case worker to determine if you qualify.

What if I lose my KYHealth card?
If your card should get lost or damaged, or you have any questions, please call your local Family Support Office

What should I expect to happen when my county starts receiving the KYHealth card?
  • If you qualify for Medicaid on the date the plastic cards are sent to your county, you will receive a KYHealth card.  Do NOT throw away the card.
  • Each member of your family that qualifies for Medicaid will receive their own KYHealth card - you will not share the cards any longer.
  • You will no longer receive a paper card each month.
  • Take the card to any medical appointments including drug stores and hospitals.
  • The doctor or pharmacist will use the card to view your eligibility before you receive services each time you visit them.
  • If you no longer qualify for Medicaid, put the card in a safe place.
  • If you visit your caseworker or local office to re-apply for Medicaid, take the card with you.
Medicaid Provider Information:
View the Provider letter referencing the KYHealth card.

How does this change affect me as a Medicaid Provider?
Medicaid is providing you access to the most up-to-date and accurate information that we have available with regards to a Medicaid enrollee's eligibility status and healthcare benefits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  In doing so, each Medicaid enrollee will show you their KYHealth card upon arrival for their appointment.  The KYHealth cards will have the enrollee's identification information on the front of the card and the website address to the KYHealth-Net System and the telephone number to the Voice Response System on the back of the card.  By entering the information from the front of the card into either of these systems you will receive that much needed accurate data.  All information currently contained on the Medical cards will be found on both systems.

What is the KYHealth-Net System?
The KYHealth-Net System is a secure web driven system, which allows active Medicaid providers access to pertinent information for their specific practice as well as to any specific recipient.  Information currently available includes eligibility status, card issue dates, KenPAC provider information and much more.  A link to the KYHealth-Net System is located on the navigation bar on the left side of this web page.

Why do the cards have a magnetic stripe?
The plastic cards contain a magnetic stripe that allow providers the capability to swipe the KYHealth card (much like swiping a credit card) and obtain the recipients' information electronically.  If you have a credit card machine, have your vendor contact Unisys, Tom Canine at (502) 226-1140 for more information.  Medicaid will not supply card reading machines.  Here are a listing of some vendors that will be able to assist you should you choose to use the card swipe function of the card:
Vendor Contact Information Revised 04/13/2005


Please let us know if you have questions regarding the new plastic KYHealth Card by emailing us at:

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