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​​​​​​​​​​What it is

All Kentuckians need affordable, quality and easily accessible benefits for themselves and their families. kynect benefits is Kentucky’s redesigned website that makes accessing state benefits easier than ever.

Using kynect benefits, you can apply for and manage your Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP), Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and Kentucky Integrated Health Insurance Premium Payment (KI-HIPP) program benefits on both your mobile device and computer with step-by-step guidance.

kynect benefits was designed based on input from Kentuckians, enhancing the benefits application process to be more user friendly and giving all Kentuckians access to the help they need.

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General Awareness Webinar​

How to create a Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) account​​​​

Using the Prescreening Tool ​to check ​eligibility​​

Completing a Benefits applicati​on​​​

Using kynect benefits as a reside​​nt​​​

Reporting a change to your informati​on​​​​​

How to upload documents​​

Using the Resident Dashb​oar​​​d​
Adding a kynector, insurance agent or authorized representative

Using the kynector and Authorized Representative Dashboar​d​​​​

Downloading the Multi-Factor Authentication Toke​n​
Navigating the Qualified Entity Dashboard

Completing a Presumptive Eligibility or Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program application

Viewing the Status of a Medicaid Waiver application or program

Checking a Medicaid Waiver applicant's eligibility

Learn how to schedule appointm​ents using kynect Benefi​t​s​​

Searching for a child care provider using kynect benefits​ ​

kynect benefits Quick Reference Guides

Creating a KOG account

Using the Prescreening Tool to check eligibility

Completing a Benefits application

Using kynect benefits as a Resident

Schedule an Appointment

Reschedule/Cancel an Appointment

Reporting a change to your information​​​

How to upload documents

Using the Resident Dashboard

Adding kynectors and insurance agents to your account

Adding individual Authorized Representatives to your account

Adding organizational Authorized Representatives to your account

Using the kynector and Authorized Representative Dashboard

Using the Qualified Entity Dashboard

Steps for Manual ID Proofing

Setting up your browser for kynectors

How to access Resident cases for kynectors

Adding client case notes

Searching for a kynector

Searching for a Resident and exporting a client list

Resizing a document for upload

Viewing, downloading and request a Medicaid ID Card

Enrolling in a Qualified Health Plan with an Enrollment Manager

How to Clear Cache in a Web Browser 

SNAP Mid-Review Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

kynect benefits FAQs

kynect benefits Medicaid Waiver Management Application FAQs​

kynect Appointments Module FAQs

kynect benefits Child Care Search FAQ

Training Videos - Spanish​

KOG (Creación de cuenta)

herramienta de preselección

Ingreso de información para solicitud

Navegación básica – Residentes

Informar un cambio

Carga de documento

Panel de residentes de kynect benefits

Agregar un kynector, representante autorizado o agente de segurosdding

Panel de kynector/representante autorizado de kynect benefits

Descarga del token de MFA

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