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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kentucky Early Intervention System (KEIS) contracts with providers in a variety of disciplines to make early intervention services available to children who need them. Early intervention specialties include:

Developmental intervention
Occupational therapy
Speech therapy
Physical therapy
Education for the visually impaired
Education for the hearing Impaired
Social work

All children and families who participate in early intervention services also receive service coordination, evaluation and assessment.

902 KAR 30.150 Personnel Qualification

902 KAR 30.160 Covered Services

Top 10 Reasons to become an Early Interventionist in Kentucky

How are Early Intervention Services Provided?

Research shows early intervention is more effective when the focus is on the adults in the child’s life – the parent, guardian and/or other caregivers. This works because children learn best from meaningful activities that happen in usual daily routines with familiar people. The early intervention visit is an opportunity for the parent, guardian or caregiver and the provider to work as a team on activities that are important during the family's daily routines. When families learn to help their child, learning can happen all day, every day, not just when the provider is with the family and child. Kentucky Early Intervention System providers use a coaching approach to help families and other caregivers support the child’s learning and development.

Learn more about the Coaching in Early Intervention Training and Mentorship Program (CEITMP)

CEITMP KEIS YouTube channel

Research Base for Coaching Caregivers Professional Development Early Intervention

Coaching a Partnership to Support Children and Families

Coaching a Partnership to Support Children and Families-Spanish version

Coaching in Early Intervention Training and Mentorship Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Early Intervention Services In Childcare Settings

Key Factors in Successful Coaching

Foundations for Positive Outcomes

Questions to Promote Partnership with Families during Early Intervention Visits

Joint Planning Infographic

ToolKit for Developing Effective Beginning Joint Plans

Reflection In Early Intervention

Reflection and Feedback Stronger Together

Responding to Caregivers with Quality Feedback

Observation Infographic​

Action Practice

Solving the Rubic's Cube Mastery Level Observation & Action Practice

Fostering Trusting Relationships Connect For A Win

Destination Caregiver Driven Ending Joint Plans Infographic

​How to Become an Early Intervention Provider for Kentucky

KEIS providers are independent contractors with the state. To become a KEIS provider, enroll with KEIS as an independent provider (agency of one) or enroll as a subcontractor or employee with an existing KEIS provider agency. 

If you are interested in becoming a Kentucky Early Intervention System provider or have questions regarding the
enrollment process, please email Provider Enrollment

Guidance Documents

KEIS Policy and Procedure Manual
Doing Business with KEIS
KEIS Improvement Tools Infographic
KEIS Program Standards
Early Intervention Core Competencies
Early Intervention Provider Performance Standards
Early Intervention Provider Self-Assessment
KEIS Service Coordinator Performance Standards
KEIS Service Coordinator Self-Assessment
Early Childhood Data System (KEDS)
Adobe Connect