Down Syndrome

Kentucky law requires information about educational and support services to be provided to expectant and new parents of children with Down syndrome. Health facilities and professionals who provider prenatal or postnatal care or genetic counseling must comply with requirements of the law. Upon receiving a positive test result for Down syndrome, expectant or new parent must receive information developed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Parent Support Information

Healthcare Provider Information

The National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources at the University of Kentucky produces the approved resources for parents/guardians of children with Down syndrome.

Please visit the training website for medical professionals for information and instruction on delivering a diagnosis. Visit the companion site for family stories for patients. Content also available in Spanish.

  • Please visit the Lettercase website for written resources provided to patients receiving a Down Syndrome test result. Parent support organizations across the state also have materials for parents in English and Spanish.
  • Down Syndrome Pregnancy provides free downloadable books for expectant parents who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis and choose to continue their pregnancy. This site also provides on-line support.

Additional Information