Nurse Aide Training

​​​A nurse aide must successfully complete the nurse aide training (NAT) and competency evaluation program and may be a nursing student, medication aide or employed through a nursing pool that provides nursing or nursing-related services to a resident in a nursing facility, excluding:

  • licensed health professionals
  • volunteers providing the nursing or nursing-related services without monetary compensation
  • those hired by the resident or family to sit with the resident and do not perform nursing or nursing-related services.

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) administers the Kentucky Nurse Aide Training Program. Kentucky Medicaid provides oversight and technical assistance. Please review the KCTCS/DMS joint announcement for more information regarding the Kentucky Nurse Aide Training Program and oversight. Kentucky Medicaid will continue to handle all nurse aide training reimbursement.

Nurse Aide Training Reimbursement

Nursing facilities with an approved nurse aide training program may be eligible for reimbursement for nurse aides who successfully complete the training and pass the state exam. To receive reimbursement, a nursing facility must:

Nursing facilities seeking reimbursement for nurse aides may also find the following documents helpful.


Kentucky Medicaid, through an interagency agreement with the Kentucky Board of Nursing, is responsible for establishing and maintaining a registry of all nurse aides who have:

  • Successfully completed a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program which meets the requirement of 42 CFR or 483.154, or
  • Been granted an exception pursuant to 42 CFR 483.150 (c).

A finding of resident or patient neglect, abuse or misappropriation of resident or patient property by a nurse aide will be maintained on an abuse registry per 906 KAR 1:1​00​.

For more information on the registry, contact the KY Board of Nursing at (502) 429-3300 or (888) 530-1919.

How Do I Stay Active?

A nursing facility will provide and document that at least 12 hours of ongoing staff development training is given annually to each nurse aide who:

  • is employed by the facility; and
  • has satisfactorily completed the nurse aide training and competency evaluation program.

Note: The nurse aide registry will renew a nurse aide's registration at least once every 24 months. Registration will be denied if the nurse aide has not worked eight hours for compensation for 24 consecutive months or longer.

For information regarding method of instruction courses, contact KCTCS


A nurse aide who is on another state's nurse aide registry may be granted reciprocity in Kentucky. The individual may be deemed competent for employment in a nursing facility based on written verification from the agency that maintains the state's nurse aide registry. This verification will include the:

  • aide's name
  • Social Security number or other identification
  • the date the name was placed on the registry and
  • any documented findings pertaining to the individual.

In addition, an employment record shall be provided to the registry to verify that 24 months have not expired since the registrant worked for pay as an aide. Reciprocity shall not be granted for anyone who has a validated complaint documented on a registry.

For more information on reciprocity, contact the Kentucky Nurse Aid Registry at (888) 530-1919.

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