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​​​​​​What is an electronic reporter?

An electronic reporter is a clinic or pharmacy that uses an existing electronic interface (EHR) to input vaccination data. Electronic reporters have live connections with the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (or KHIE).

How do I report vaccine information?

Vaccination information may be uploaded via an electronic medical records.

What information is reported to KYIR?

Vaccination data entered into the clinic EHR is sent to KYIR through KHIE and the vaccination is recorded on the patient's records.

Does my inventory decrement automatically?

Inventory does not auto-decrement as vaccines are administered through your EHR. Aggregate reporters must complete a reconciliation to adjust inventory counts. Inventory management only applies to Vaccines for Children (VFC) and COVID-19 providers.

Who should have access?

Primary and back-up coordinators for state vaccination programs such as VFC and COVID-19 need to access KYIR for inventory

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