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​Information and resources for Kentucky Immunization Registry (KYIR) contributors.

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Kentucky Implementation Guide Addendum​ Updated April 2024​

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KYIR Onboarding Process

View the Provider Onboarding Report  to identify a provider's onboard status with KYIR.


A newly launched KHIE solution provides enhanced features and functionality giving health care providers access to valuable health information when and where it is needed.

If you do not see all new or most recent immunization data from some KYIR participants, please notify us by sending an email. Historical IR data also may be requested to be sent to the registry.

As with any technology transition, temporary disruptions and delays may occur. The KHIE project plan ensures no loss of data from any KHIE participant and all immunization messages will continue to flow to KHIE. As always, keep in mind that the immunization record should not be considered a comprehensive record.

News from KYIR

VFC program participants are advised to follow any specific instructions from the VFC program administrator.

We will continue to update the KYIR Web page and the Provider Onboarding Report.

The onboarding process consists of these steps:

  • The Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) outreach coordinator communicates to providers about KYIR.
  • Provider signs and KHIE processes the participation agreement.
  • KHIE/KYIR/provider hold an online meeting/conference call and discuss points of care to be onboarded.
  • Provider participant confirms what facilities administer immunizations.
  • KYIR technical analyst sets up the provider with demographic information into the Immunization registry. This requires the HL7 facility code, RXA 11.4.
  • Provider’s EHR connects to KHIE and then KHIE provides HL7 message header and patient identifier values to EHR.
  • Provider’s technical team send HL7 test message to KHIE test environment.
  • After successful immunization records reach KYIR, KHIE sends meaningful use confirmation to provider.
  • The KYIR- or KHIE-assigned onboarder provides link to important documents for onboarding.
  • The KYIR technical analyst tests the immunization records for HL7 message data quality.
  • The KYIR technical analyst works with the provider’s technical contact to achieve quality benchmark.
  • KHIE architect directs the point of care to the production environment.
  • HL7 messages begin sending to KYIR.
  • The KYIR technical team monitor for data quality with the KIP team assisting with the quality benchmark.
  • Historical records may be added to backfill the registry.


Helpful Links 

Kentucky Department for Public Health Immunization Program

CDC Flu Crosswalk

CDC Vaccines for Children Program

American Immunization Registry Association

NDC Codes

MVX Codes

Kentucky Immunization Registry

IIS Recommended Core Data Elements

Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Local Health Departments

KY Rural Health Association

Info for EMR Live KHIE Users 

If the immunization you enter into your EMR does not come through to KYIR as the same immunization the patient received, please update the CVX table in your EMR system.

If you need assistance updating your EMR, please contact your EMR vendor for assistance.

CDC CVX code table

Is my location live with KHIE?  

KHIE is the statewide health information exchange. If your clinical site opted to send immunizations electronically to the state registry, you first must come onboard with KHIE.

If you already are live with KHIE, you should see the immunizations you administer populated in KYIR.

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