Speech-Language Pathologist - PT (79) (799)

Kentucky Medicaid identifies independent speech-language pathologist (SLP) services as Provider Type (79) individual or (799) group. To enroll or bill Kentucky Medicaid, SLP service providers must be:

  • Licensed in the state in which they operate. In Kentucky, SLP service providers must contact the Kentucky Board of Speech-Language Pathology per KRS 334A for license information.
  • Enrolled as an active Medicaid provider and, if applicable, enrolled with the managed care organization of any beneficiary for whom services are provided.

Covered Services

If medically necessary, SLP providers evaluate diagnoses and treat difficulties involving speech, language, voice, fluency and swallowing. To receive services from a SLP provider an order must be signed by a KY Medicaid participating physician, advanced practitioner registered nurse, physician assistant or psychiatrist. A beneficiary may receive 20 visits per the calendar year,

SLP providers must meet the coverage provisions and requirements of 907 KAR 8:030 to provide covered services. Any services performed must fall within the scope of practice for the provider. Listing of a service in an administrative regulation is not a guarantee of payment. Providers must follow Kentucky Medicaid regulations. All services must be medically necessary.

How do I verify eligibility?

Verify eligibility by calling the automated voice response system at (800) 807-1301 or visit the web-based KYHealth-Net System.


Reimbursement for SLP services is in accordance with 907 KAR 8:035 and the SLP rate schedule.

Duplication of Service

If a beneficiary receives services from an SLP enrolled with the Kentucky Medicaid program, the department will not reimburse for the SLP service provided to the same beneficiary during the same time period via the home health program.

Prior Authorizations

KAR 8:030 Section 2(2b) states the limits may be exceeded if services are determined to be medically necessary. Prior authorization by the department is required for each speech-language pathology service that exceeds the limit for a beneficiary not enrolled with a MCO. CareWise provides prior authorizations for any fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiary. Each MCO provides prior authorizations for its beneficiaries

Claims Submission

Kentucky Medicaid currently contracts with Gainwell Technologies to process the Kentucky Medicaid FFS claims. Each MCO processes its own claims.


Kentucky Medicaid utilizes the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits as well as the McKesson Claim Check System to verify codes that are mutually exclusive or incidental. Kentucky Medicaid also uses Correct Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding system (HCPCS) codes. Kentucky Medicaid requires the use of ICD-10 codes on all claims submitted for reimbursement. KY Medicaid requires the use of CMS 1500 billing forms. Providers will need to bill Kentucky Medicaid using the correct CPT codes.

Claim Appeals

Appeal requests made on denied FFS claims must be submitted to Gainwell Technologies. The request must include the reason for the request along with a hard copy claim. Please refer to the MCO if appealing to an MCO claim.

Timely Filing

Claims must be received within 12 months of the date of service or six months from the Medicare pay date whichever is longer, or within 12 months of the last Kentucky Medicaid denial. Please refer to the MCO if appealing to an MCO claim.

Provider Contact Information

If you can't find the information you need or have additional questions, please direct your inquiries to:
FFS Billing Questions - Gainwell Technologies - (800) 807-1232
General Provider Questions - (855) 824-5615
Prior Authorization - CareWise - (800) 292-2392
Provider Enrollment or Revalidation - (877) 838-5085
KyHealth.net assistance -Gainwell Technologies - (800) 205-4696
Pharmacy Questions - (800) 432-7005
Pharmacy Clinical Support Questions - (800) 477-3071
Pharmacy Prior Authorization - (800) 477-3071
Physician Administered Drug (PAD) List - Pharmacy Branch - (502) 564-6890

Provider MCO Information

Anthem - (800) 205-5870
Aetna Better Health of KY - (855) 300-5528
Humana - (855) 852-7005
Passport Health Plan- (800) 578-0775
WellCare of KY - (877) 389-9457

Report Fraud and Abuse

(800) 372-2970


KRS 334A SLP and Audiologist

907 KAR Cabinet for Health and Family Services - DMS Title page

907 KAR 3:130 Medical necessity and clinically appropriate determination basis

907 KAR 8:030Independent SLP service coverage

907 KAR 8:035 SLP service reimbursement

Provider Resources

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PT 79(9) - SLP (Group) Provider Summary

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