Accessing Your Health Information

Access your Medicaid health information on mobile devices ​

​​​Access all your health information in one place using the Kentucky Medicaid Patient Access to Health Information Program. This kynect benefit makes it easier to view and share your Medicaid health information right from your smartphone or mobile device. Reviewing your overall health information helps you make the best healthcare choices. 

Health Information F​AQs

Some healthcare decisions are easy, like getting a cast if you break your arm. But other situations are more complicated.

Does your medical history mean surgery may be risky? Can your caregiver share your complete health history with a new doctor?

Having access to your health information through a health app can help you take control of your healthcare and share the information for assistance from your doctor or caregiver. 

The 2016, 21st Century Cures Act allows you to access your health information using your preferred approved third-party health application. Be sure to check the A​pproved Health Apps list​ at the top of the page for the most current list of third-party health apps. 

Through your phone's health app, you can:

  • Securely view your Medicaid health information and history.*
  • Manage and make better decisions about your health care from a single location.
  • Share your health information with doctors, caregivers or others by showing them health details on your phone. Depending on the health app you choose, additional information, sharing features and the ability to view health information on other devices may be available.*

*Different third-party health apps may have different information, display and available features. Each health app decides what information and services to provide. Some may provide websites as well. Check the list for all currently approved third-party health apps.​

​You will have access to your health information dating back to Jan. 1, 2016. Depending on the health app you download to your phone, different features and information may be available. Each approved third-party health app works hard to create the best user experience for you. You will be able to see:
  • Insurance plan information such as coverage type and Member ID (Medicaid ID).
  • Explanation of plan benefits including insurance payments and the amount paid.
  • History of your previous medical procedures.
  • List and descriptions of your medical conditions as recorded by your provider.
  • Medication history, including your vaccinations or immunization history.
  • List of providers and organizations involved in your care delivery*.
  • Your health app may provide additional helpful features to help you take control of your healthcare*​.

Health app features may vary depending on the app you choose. Each health app determines what information is provided and services offered.

​You will need to have one of the Kentucky Medicaid-approved health apps on your phone. You can download a health app from your app store. The process is the same as loading any other app to your phone from the Apple Store or Google Play. Only approved health apps will show your health information. T​he list of health apps​ will be updated on a regular basis. Come back often if you don't see the health app you normally use or prefer to use.

To get started, follow these simple steps​:

  1. Download an approved app if you don't have one.
  2. Open the health app on your Smartphone.
  3. Follow the prompts for first time users to set up your account with your chosen health app.
  4. Search for Kentucky Medicaid after your health app account has been set up.
  5. Follow the prompts to set up your KY Medicaid account.

For questions or help with you health app, contact the health apps customer service team at (855) 509-2450. 

To set up your account, you will need to provide name, date of birth, plan member ID (Medicaid ID), ZIP code and a valid, unique email address.

Yes. You should always use the same email address in any health app you download to request the validation code.​

You must use the unique email address associated with your health plan to allow access to your data. An authorization code will be sent to the email address and you will be required to enter it into the health plan application.

If you forget the email address used to set up your account you will need to create a new account.​ Follow your health apps prompts for creating a new account.​

​Your Member ID is located on the Medicaid ID card provided to you by your health plan. If you do not have this card or if the number entered resulted in an error, call CHFS Member Services at (800) 635-2570, you will be prompted to select an option for your language, you will then select 'option 1' for Making Changes,Applying for Coverage, or Application Assistance. After selecting 'option 1', select 'option 2' for Application Assistance. 

View the list of  applications evaluated and reviewed by Medicaid and deemed to be qualified and secure applications at the top of this page.​

​At this time, Kentucky Medicaid allows only the member to access their Medicaid data. Parents will have to open a separate account with a different, unique email address for each child to see their health information.

​Yes. You can delete your account by using the process for the health app you downloaded.

​Yes. You can change your email address by creating your Kentucky Medicaid account again and entering the new email address you want to use.​ This will overwrite the email address currently saved. 

​Some third-party health apps may offer the ability to share your data. Check the health application you select and, if this feature is enabled, follow the app instructions on how to share your health information.
If the app does not have sharing capability, you can show the information you are viewing on your mobile device to your caregiver or provider.

​At this time, Kentucky Medicaid allows only the member to access their Medicaid data. Parents will need to create separate accounts with a different, unique email addresses for each child to view their health information.

Parents cannot set up a single account for themsevles and and their children's health information. 

​At this time, Kentucky Medicaid only allows the member to access their Medicaid data. Parents must set up separate accounts with a different, unique email address for each child to view their health information.

As with any interaction over the internet, there is some risk. Your health plan takes your privacy and the security of your health information as seriously as you do. That's why your data never will be shared without your express permission. Kentucky Medicaid safeguards your data carefully. However, once your data is shared with an online application, your health plan no longer is responsible for the security of that data. This is why it is important to understand the privacy and security policies for any application with which you choose to share your data. It also is important to protect your devices from threats like theft, phishing and hacking. You should keep your device security settings current. Make sure you choose a health information app with clear privacy and security policies.

  • Review your health apps resources for information about the health app you have chosen.
  • If you have forgotten or need to change your email address, follow the steps to set up a new account. This will overwrite your current account and allow you to enter and verify a new email address.
  • To delete your account, use the process for your health app.
  • For technical help with the app, contact your app helpdesk. Each health app has its own technical support process to help with user issues.
  • For help with your Medicaid ID contact member services at (800) 635-2570.
  • Review the frequently asked questions.
  • Before selecting a health app, read the app descriptions and security statements in the app store to help select the best app for your needs.

​Approved Third-Party Health Apps

​Please review this list often, it will continue to grow as more third-party health apps are approved.


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For questions or help with your health app, contact the health apps customer service team at (855) 509-2450. 

Important Dates​

​April 2022

The Kentucky Medicaid Patient Access to Health Information Program pilot launches.


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