Medical Transportation

Medicaid covers only medically necessary transportation to and from a Medicaid-covered service.

Emergency Ambulance Transportation Services

Emergency ambulance services are covered when the eligible member is transported in an emergency condition, usually to hospital, resulting from an accident, serious injury or acute illness that makes it impossible to use other types of transportation.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation Services

Non-emergency ambulance services are covered if the eligible member is confined to a bed before and after the ambulance trip or the member must be moved only by stretcher to receive medically necessary Medicaid-covered medical services.

Non-emergency medical transportation is for Medicaid members who do not have access to free transportation that suits their medical needs and need to be transported to a Medicaid-covered service.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) 

For transportation outside of a member's medical service area or for specialty care, a referral from a member's primary care physician is required.

NEMT Summary Report Fiscal Year 2022

NEMT Summary Report Fiscal Year 2023

Requesting Services

Non-emergency medical transportation services are available through the Human Service Transportation Delivery (HSTD) program a regional brokerage system. Depending on a member's medical needs, transportation is provided by taxi, van, bus or public transit. Wheelchair service is also provided if required by medical necessity.

To find your regional broker, please click on the HSTD Brokerage Listing. For program policies and complaints, contact the Office of Transportation Delivery at (888) 941-7433.

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