​​​​​​​Kentucky Medicaid provides benefits to thousands of children throughout Kentucky. Most of these children will be covered through a managed care organization (MCO). However, several programs are available for children, so please check out the links on this page to ensure your children receive maximum benefits.

Programs and Services

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Child Immunization Awareness

Please make sure your children are up to date on their shots. Immunizations help prevent diseases like hepatitis B, polio, measles, mumps and whooping cough. Schedule an appointment with a doctor now to be sure your children are protected. See the following wellness materials:

If you are a Medicaid member, visit the Department for Public Health immunization page for more information. If you are a Medicaid provider and would like to participate in the Vaccines for Children Program visit the program website.

Vaccine recommendations during COVID-19 outbreak

Apply for Medicaid

kynect Use this website to enroll in Medicaid, update your information or make any changes to your Medicaid.
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Other Resources

Disenrollment for Cause
Change of Address Form
Provider Search This information pertains to traditional Medicaid only. If you are covered under a managed care organization, please check your MCO website below.

Managed Care Organizations

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky 
(855) 300-5528
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 
(855) 690-7784
Humana Healthy Horizons in Kentucky 
 (800) 444-9137
Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare 
(844) 778-2700 
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan 
(866) 293-1796 
WellCare of Kentucky 
(877) 389-9457 

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