Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

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How Behavioral Risk Factor (BRFSS) Data are Used

Data from each individual surveyed are combined to determine the health practices of Kentuckians. It is then combined with other states’ data to provide national health behaviors estimates. Data from the BRFSS is used to:

  • Analyze health trends
  • Develop policies and legislation
  • Plan and to measure the progress of prevention initiatives
  • Monitor health goals, such as those stated in Healthy Kentuckians 2020
  • Educate the public about risk behaviors and preventive health practices, and;
  • Provide data for preparation of budgets, contracts and grants 

Kentucky BRFSS Data Reports

BRFSS Questionnaire Format

The BRFSS questionnaire is divided into three sections:

  • Core Questions asked by all states and participating territories.
  • Optional Modules developed by the CDC on particular topics that states may choose to include on the questionnaire.
  • State Added Questions that relate to the public heath needs of a state.

Contact Information

Data from Kentucky and all 50 states may be obtained from the CDC BRFSS website. When the site loads, scroll to the section titled "Prevalence Data." The data may be queried by topic, state and year (1995-2016).

You may request additional Kentucky-specific BRFSS data information. For data sets request, please complete this form.

Email your question and data set request forms.