Nursing Home Inspection Findings

The Office of Inspector General is Kentucky's regulatory agency for licensing all long-term care facilities in the commonwealth. The links below will provide inspection findings for each certified long-term care facility for the specified calendar year. Personal Care Home inspections are included beginning in 2024.​

New Searchable Database

Current ownership information can be found by viewing the Long-Term Care Directory.

How to read the SOD/POC

Types of surveys

  • C - Complaints
  • FR - Facility Self-Reported Incident
  • R - Recertification 
  • V - Covid

Compliance Status

  • I - In Compliance - At the completion of the survey, the facility was determined in compliance with no deficiencies. 
  • N - Not in Compliance - At the completion of the survey, the facility was determined not in compliance with deficiencies cited.


  • 11/20/2020 RI VN = An in-compliance recertification survey but not in compliance with Covid regulatory requirements having an 11/20/20 exit date.
  • 11/20/2017 CN RI FRN = An in-compliance recertification, a not-in-compliance complaint, and a facility-reported not-in-compliance report with an 11/20/17 exit date. 

Timing of updates

All facilities listed on this website are considered to be back in compliance at the time the statement of deficiency/plan of correction is posted to this website. Surveys and complaints only will be posted after the entire survey process is completed. If you need a specific survey before it is posted, please submit an Open Records Request or search for information on the CMS Nursing Home Compare website.

Additional Information