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The Kentucky Youth Camp program permits both residential and day camp facilities. Local health departments conduct inspections of each youth camp twice per year with follow-up inspections and complaint investigations as necessary. 

To register a complaint on a youth camp, please contact your local health department. Local health department contact information

Types of Youth Camps

A youth camp is for campers younger than 18 who live away from their guardians while attending the camp for recreational, educational or vacation purposes. The youth camp is operated for five or more campers and may or may not charge a fee.

A youth camp permitted as a residential camp is operated on a permanent campsite and has facilities for overnight lodging. A youth camp permitted as a day camp is operated for all or part of the day, but does not include overnight lodging.

Child day care facilities are not regulated under the youth camp program. The Office of the Inspector General, Division of Regulated Child Care licenses and regulates child day care programs, residential child caring facilities and child-placing agencies. Visit the OIG DRCC website.

Staff Contact

Leanna Caven, Environmental Health Program Evaluator
(502) 229-7077