State Confinement Facilities

General Information

A state confinement facility in Kentucky is defined as a penal or correctional facility or juvenile detention or treatment facility operated by or under the supervision of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This does not include county jails or detention centers. 

Visit the state Department of Corrections website for more information.

The state confinement facility program establishes uniform standards of institutional sanitation to safeguard the health of persons confined in these facilities, by providing for the opportunity to pursue adequate personal hygiene for health maintenance, control of the incidence and spread of disease and maintenance of sanitary living conditions.  Inspections are conducted by local health department environmentalists at least twice per year with follow-up inspections and complaint investigations as necessary.

To register a complaint on a state confinement facility, please contact your local health department.

Local health department information

Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS 211.920 - Definitions
KRS 211.925 - Powers and duties of cabinet
KRS 211.927 - Cooperation with Department of Corrections -- Assistance in training
KRS 211.930 - Prohibition
KRS 211.935 - Inspection of facilities -- Action to correct dangerous conditions
KRS 211.945 - Administration of existing laws

Kentucky Administrative Regulation

902 KAR 9:010 - Environmental Health

Plan Review

Plans for new confinement facilities and modifications to existing confinement facilities must be submitted to local health departments. For further information on submitting confinement facility construction, expansion, or remodeling plans, please see the information below and contact your local health department environmentalist. 

Local health department information

Submission Process:

  • Three sets of plumbing plans and three plan application forms shall be submitted to the local health department.  Note: four sets of plans must be submitted if the water source is private.
  • The local health department reviews the plans and forwards approved plans to the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction (DHBC) for further approval.
  • Approved plans are returned to the local health department with an approval letter.  Plans that are not approved are returned to the local health department with a deficiency letter.

Additional Information