Medical Support and Benefits Branch

​​The Medical Support and Benefits Branch (MSBB) is primarily responsible for interpretation and clarification of Medicaid policy and procedures and statewide Medicaid case processing for adult wards of the state and children who require psychiatric care.

In addition, the branch is responsible for issuing replacement KYHEALTH cards.

MSBB develops procedural instructions and forms for the Medicaid program and provides technical assistance to DCBS field staff and beneficiaries of the Medicaid program, other agencies, the general public and community organizations.

Programs and Services

MSBB consists of the Medicaid Program Assistance Section and the Case Processing Section.

Medicaid Program Assistance Section

  • Develops procedural instructions for the Medicaid Program
  • Reviews state and federal regulations regarding Medicaid
  • Provides technical assistance as requested by DCBS field staff
  • Distributes material and correspondence to DCBS field staff. 

Case Processing Section

  • Maintains working caseload of adult guardianship cases
  • Determines retro medical assistance for SSI recipients
  • Issues emergency medical cards for SSI recipients.

Report Fraud

Report Medicaid and Welfare Fraud to the Inspector General. Call the hotline number toll free at (800) 372-2970. Go to the Division of Audits and Investigations for further information.