Family Self-Sufficiency Branch

​​​​​​​​​​​The Family Self-Sufficiency Branch (FSSB) consists of the KTAP Program Assistance Section and the Technical Support Section.

KTAP Program Assistance Section

Develops procedural instructions and reviews state and federal regulations for the Kentucky Transitional Assistance and Kentucky Works Program​ and provides technical assistance to DCBS field staff.

Technical Support Section

  • Ensures Program Integrity in all public assistance programs
  • Reviews the work of DCBS field staff for accuracy and correct application of program policy
  • Processes state and federal matches received

Report Fraud

Report Medicaid and Welfare Fraud to the CHFS Inspector General. 
Call the hotline number at 1-800-372-2970.
Go to the Division of Audits and Investigations for further information.

TANF EBT Transaction Fees/Surcharges

Information on EBT\electronic fund transactions involving TANF public assistance must be made publically available as required in the Social Security Act, Section 402(a)(1)(A)(viii). TANF cash benefit recipients will have adequate access to their cash assistance and may use or withdraw benefits with no charges or only minimal fees. Retailers or banks will determine the fees for cash withdrawals; but, most cash withdrawal fees are less than $3. Individuals receive one free cash withdrawal per month at ATMs displaying the Quest logo. Normal bank charges will be assessed if the ATM charges a processing fee. Fees are deducted from the recipient's TANF cash assistance EBT account. There is no charge for cash withdrawals at authorized retailers' point-of-service terminals.

Information on fees and charges is made available to the public in the Avoid Fees section of the EBT brochure mailed with the EBT card. The brochure also lists fees, a toll-free number for 24/7 customer service and help with any questions or problems accessing benefits. The same information in the EBT brochure is available online on both the Cardholder Portal and mobile app.