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What It Is

​​​​​Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP) is the monetary assistance program established using federal funds from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families block grant. KTAP provides financial and medical assistance to needy dependent children in Kentucky and the parents or relatives with whom the children live. KTAP also helps families find jobs or get training that leads to a job.

A family can receive KTAP benefits for 60 months (five years) in a lifetime. Each month a family receives KTAP benefits counts toward the 60-month lifetime limit. For example, a family may receive KTAP benefits for 24 months, stop and later receive 36 more months of benefits.

KTAP payments to families are based on family size and income. In addition to the monetary grant, KTAP recipients also may qualify for supportive services such as childcare and transportation assistance through the Kentucky Works program. Relocation assistance, educational bonus, work incentive bonus and employment retention assistance benefits also are available to qualified KTAP recipients.


To qualify for KTAP, an applicant must have low or very low income, be a Kentucky resident, U.S. citizens or qualified alien, unemployed or under employed (working for very low wages), a parent/relative caregiver responsible for children up to age 18 (or 19 if school attendance requirements are met).


A family may apply for KTAP and other assistance programs at the local Community Based Services offices in the family's county of residence. For additional information about KTAP, contact your local Department for Community Based Services office.

What happens when a KTAP recipient goes to work?

The KTAP check does not always stop when the recipient finds employment. Earnings may not be counted for two months.

When earnings are counted, certain deductions are allowed.

A family member also may receive additional assistance to enable the recipient to continue working.

What happens if KTAP is discontinued due to work?

The family still may qualify for programs such as Medicaid and food stamps (SNAP).

The family may get work incentive reimbursements for up to nine months.

Child care assistance may be provided as long as the family meets the guidelines for the Child Care Assistance Program.