Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Council

This community group helps the Department for Aging and Independent Living identify ways to help Kentuckians with memory loss and their families.

The Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Related Disorders Advisory Council was created by the General Assembly.  The council has 15 members appointed by the governor representing agencies of state government that deal with dementia; local health departments; regional Alzheimer’s Associations; the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging; consumers; health care providers; and the medical research community.

The duties of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Related Disorders Advisory Council include:

  • Establishing and evaluating goals and outcomes for the Office on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders.
  • Providing information and education to help Kentuckians locate programs and information.

For more information about Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of dementia, contact the Department for Aging and Independent Living at (502) 564-6930, ext. 3507 or the Alzheimer’s Association office in your area.

Greater Cincinnati Chapter
Great Cincinnati Chapter serves 27 counties in Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. Contact the Greater Cincinnati Chapter at:

644 Linn St., Suite 1026
Cincinnati, OH 45203
(513) 721-4284 or
(800) 441-3322 (toll calls)

Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana Chapter
Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana Chapter serves 125 Kentucky Counties. Contact Kentucky chapter offices at: 

6100 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 401
Louisville, KY 40205
Administration Phone: (502) 451-4266
24-hour Helpline: (800) 272-3900

2808 Palumbo Drive, Suite 205
Lexington, KY 40509
Administration: (859) 266-5283
24-hour Helpline: (800) 272-3900