Kentucky Outreach and Information Network

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Kentucky Outreach and Information Network Newsletter

The Kentucky Outreach and Information Network (KOIN) newsletter is an informative newsletter developed for KOIN members to help stay informed on preparedness efforts in Kentucky with an emphasis on vulnerable populations.

Files for each edition are listed in both PDF and MS Word formats (when available) to allow accessibility.

Winter 2009 - Winter Weather Survival Kit, Fall 2008 Workshop Review, New Disaster Preparedness Materials Available to Assist Individuals with Chronic Disease, Migrant Farmworkers with Disabilities Employment Partnership

Summer 2008 - Fall 2008 Workshops, Digital Television Transition, New Visor Communication Card Program

Winter 2008 - Fall 2007 Workshop Review, Difference Between Colds and Flu, Preparing for Winter Storms

Summer 2007 - September Workshops, New Preparedness Materials Available, Spring 2007 KOIN Events Update, KOIN is Multi-Award Winner for 2006
Fall 2006 - Newsletter Welcome, Behind the KOIN, Fall Workshops, Pandemic Flu, Upcoming Preparedness Drill for KOIN Members, Materials Update


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