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The Kentucky Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Communication Guide is a resource for public information officers in the event of deployment of the SNS. A public health emergency requires coordination of communication among all responding agencies and the media to provide accurate information and instructions to affected Kentucky citizens.

This guide is a living document. As new press releases, fact sheets, message maps, scripts and other materials are located or developed, they will be compiled and included as a resource for the entire state's emergency communication community.

A pandemic influenza annex has been created to assist in the event of a flu pandemic. 

The documents listed below can be customized to include your local health department contact information. Save the customized to have them ready for emergencies. 

Kentucky SNS Emergency Communication Guide Contents
Cover, Spine, Header and Footer for Guide

Clinic Distribution Section
Spanish Fact Sheets
Public Information Section
Staff Section
Volunteer Support Section
Pandemic Influenza Annex
Cover, Spine, Header and Footer for Annex
English Fact Sheets
Spanish Fact Sheets
News Releases
Media Advisories
Radio Scripts
Ebola Annex