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​​​​​​The Research and Analytics Branch within the Division of Quality and Population Health works towards identifying, gathering, studying, and interpreting collective data to help improve positive health outcomes for all Kentucky Medicaid members.

The Research and Analytics Branch staff:​

  • Identifies needed data to address agency concerns;
  • Researches all available data pertaining to the subject matter and any influencing factors;
  • Collects all available data from related organizations and departments to gain a collective understanding of the issue;​
  • Thoroughly analyzes the data in relation to the issue or request;
  • Determines the areas of concern in which improvement may be needed in order to produce optimal health outcomes for Kentucky Medicaid members;
  • Identifies any potential gaps or areas of improvement needed to reach agency goals;
  • Interprets and presents data analysis in an easily understandable format;
  • Works toward improving Kentucky’s overall health metrics.​​​​