Data Analytics

Data Analytics

​​​​Data flows into the Cabinet for Health and Family Services from several sources and for several purposes. Two things are true of this data: It is an extraordinarily valuable information source for learning how to serve the nee​ds of Kentuckians and, more importantly, it often is sensitive in nature and deserves the highest degree of protection and care. The Office of Data Analytics employs a team of technical professionals to fulfill both purposes – provide insights from data that inform decision makers and ensure that Kentuckians can feel safe knowing this information is safe and secure.

Analysts with the Office of Data Analytics carry out their work in accordance with the statutory mandate outlined in KRS 194A.101. Specifically, this statute reads, “The division shall provide oversight and strategic direction and be responsible for coordinating the data analysis initiatives for the various departments that regulate health care and social services to ensure that policy is consistent with the long-term goals across the commonwealth.” To do this, the team interfaces with government data and uses it to answer questions in service of the people of Kentucky. This interdisciplinary team uses a combined knowledge of data science, statistics and database architecture to respond to requests for information from policymakers and support health research in the commonwealth.

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