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​​Data governance is the organization and implementation of formalized policies, procedures, structures, roles and responsibilities that outline and enforce decision rights and accountabilities for the effective management of information.

(source: John Ladley, Data Governance: How to Design, Deploy and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program, 2012)

Data Governance Program

As a division of the Office of Health Data and Analytics in The Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), the Division of Analytics has a duty and responsibility to the citizens of the commonwealth to be responsible stewards of CHFS data. The Data Governance Program supports the Division of Analytics in its role under KRS 194A.101​ to improve inter-agency data integration and cross-Cabinet collaboration through initiating and maintaining data sharing agreements.

In this role, the Data Governance Program coordinates data sharing requests with researchers, maintains a record of data sharing agreements across the Cabinet and provides oversight and guidance related to data governance to ensure data is maintained and shared in a manner that is ethical and secure.

The data analytics platform developed by the Division of Analytics represents a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of Kentuckian’s throughout the commonwealth. The willingness of agencies across CHFS to share and integrate data enables the Division of Analytics to produce and support high-quality research. The Data Governance Program provides the framework to ensure all data sharing occurs in a way that safeguards sensitive information and preserves public trust.

What We Do

Data Share Agreements - The Data Governance Program is available as a resource for agencies across CHFS seeking assistance with drafting, executing and monitoring data share agreements. The Data Governance Program works closely with the CHFS Privacy Program to ensure all data share agreements comply with relevant state and federal laws.

Policies and Procedures - The Data Governance Program continuously reviews, researches and develops guidance related to data sharing to ensure the responsible use of data.

How to Request Data

Researchers interested in entering into a data sharing agreement with CHFS can begin the process by submitting a Data Share Request Form that details their research aims and data desired to complete the research. Once a request is received it will be reviewed by the Data Governance Program. The researcher will be notified of next steps to complete the request. Interested researchers who haven't done so already also should visit the CHFS Institutional Review Board (IRB) web page for information on completing the Cabinet IRB process.

Contact Us​

Please email us with questions related to data sharing agreements, the Data Governance Program or general questions on data governance.