Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Construction Program

​​​​​​​​Construction, substantial changes, alterations and reconstruction of public swimming and bathing facilities may not begin until plans and specifications and design data have been submitted to and approved by the CHFS Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Construction Program and all other responsible state and local agencies. All construction must be in accordance with approved plans. The front page of the plans must contain the name of the swimming and bathing facility, location by city and county, name of its owner and name of the engineer, architect or person preparing the plans. 

Alternative Lifeguard Plans

Zone lifeguarding is a method using time and distance to determine the most appropriate number of lifeguards and lifeguard placement at a particular venue.  A third-party compliance specialist can provide studies and calculations of each specific venue with numbers and locatio​ns of each necessary lifeguard placement.  This method may be beneficial to very large venues or those with complicated designs which may have obstructions that prevent an appropriate view of the water.  This method was added to the regulation, 902 KAR 10:120, to allow for flexibility for either very large or very small venues.

Facilities that have swim team meets/​practices have different needs during the time they are open for those events.  Pools are welcome to submit separate plans that address the specific needs of swim teams, with the understanding that these plans will not apply when the pool has open swim time for the public.

Alternate lifeguard plans must be submitted to the Public Safety Branch by an independent third-party specialist that is a representative of an incorporated organization that provides lifeguard training and pool safety analysis and is not a representative of state or local goverments nor an associate of the establishment seeking use of an alternative lifeguard plan.  The submitted plan shall include:

  • ​a description of study methods and calculations used to determine lifeguard zones and placement
  • methods and frequency of testing that will be performed to ensure the plan protects patrons
  • include a complete layout of pool surface diagrammed with lifeguard placement and assigned zone of surveillance
  • a minimum baseline of lifeguards required for safe operation
The specialist shall work with the facility and witness the initial necessary testing to ensure the plan will be sufficient to protect patrons. 

It will not be acceptable to submit an alternative lifeguard plan that reduces the number of lifeguards utilized by closing portions of the pool at any time the establishment is open to the public.  

If your facility wishes to submit an alternative lifeguard plan, please email them to​.   

Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Inspection Program

The Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Inspection Program ensures healthy conditions and safety at regulated facilities in Kentucky through annual, follow-up and monitoring inspections conducted by local health department environmental program staff.  

For more information about this program, please visit the Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Inspection Program webpage