Child Care Inspection and Abuse/Injury Data

​To help families to choose the best child care center  for their needs, the Cabinet makes information readily available. Families may use the resources below to find licensed and certified inspection history and injury data for a center.

Child Care Inspections

An inspection is a tool used to determine a child care program’s ability to follow rules and regulations. Inspections are based on child care provider type and occur at initial licensing/certification, when a provider reports a change (such as a new location) or when a complaint is received. A child care center inspection report can be found on kynect. You may search by address, provider name or  license/ certificate number. Once you locate the child care center, click on the center name to open the Provider Details page which lists all inspections.

Compliance Status

Compliance status refers to a program’s ability to follow rules.  A program is either in compliance or not in compliance.

In compliance: Program has followed the rules during the time of inspection.

Not in compliance: Program has not followed the rules and has an area out of compliance during the time of inspection.

A program found not in compliance must submit a plan of correction (POC). The POC addresses how the program will address/correct the issue.  

If you have questions concerning a program’s status or finding a child care center’s inspection report, please contact the Division of Regulated Child Care at (502) 564-7962.

Child Care Center Accident Data

Children in child care centers and in-home care are continually developing. Therefore, children may run into situations that cause them harm, such as on the playground. Kentucky requires all providers to assure the health, safety and comfort of each child. Any time there is an accident or incident requiring medical treatment, providers must notify parents immediately.

The Injury/Abuse Report shows the number of serious injuries and deaths in Kentucky child care centers.

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