Compliance Branch

The Compliance Branch contains three investigative sections: Determining Eligibility Through Extensive Review (DETER), Recipient Fraud and Special Investigations. The primary goals of this branch are to prevent and stop waste, fraud and abuse of public assistance programs and conduct special investigations into matters related to the Cabinet, such as employee malfeasance.

Programs and Services

The DETER program is a collaborative effort between the Office of Inspector General and the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) to ensure accuracy of information used to determine eligibility for public assistance programs. While DETER focuses primarily on preventing fraudulent receipt of benefits, DETER staff also may investigate active cases when information is questionable or suspect. DETER investigators verify eligibility factors not routinely available to eligibility workers.  These investigations are completed within 15 days to provide DCBS staff the information needed to process benefits accurately and promptly.

The Recipient Fraud Section staff detects, reviews and investigates fraud and abuse by recipients of state welfare, food stamps, child care and Medicaid assistance programs; establishes claims due the commonwealth; and refers cases for criminal prosecution and administrative collection. Section staff also operates the Medicaid and Welfare Fraud and Abuse Hotline, processes and reviews complaints received on the hotline and from other sources and investigates vendors participating in the WIC Program. 

Special investigations are conducted at the request of the Cabinet secretary or agency office heads into such matters as fraud and abuse by Cabinet contractors and vendors, as well as Cabinet personnel investigations.

Medicaid and Welfare Fraud and Abuse Hotline: 

Contact via phone, 1-800-372-2970, or email

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