​​​​​ The Office of Administrative Services (OAS) works with ​all CHFS agencies on matters related to facilities managemet, general accounting and procurement. OAS has three divisions.

Facilities Management coordinates and manages safety activities, leases and property inspections, fixed assets, insurance and claims and space planning; manages the acquisition, renovation, sale, demolition or surplus of land and/or buildings and prepares real property year-end closing report; and acts as the liaison between various levels in and outside the organization structure.

General Accounting provides accounting services, maintains accounting systems and oversees the Cabinet Cost Allocation Plan; provides consistent, accurate and timely accounting services in accordance with state, federal and general accepted accounting principles guidelines; and is responsible for creating and approving payment documents for invoices submitted for payment by CHFS departments.

Procurement and Grant Oversight is responsible for all Cabinet procurement activities, acquisition of goods and non-professional services, memoranda of agreement and workplace equipment; provides administrative oversight and ensures compliance with the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Code of Ethics and the Kentucky Model Procurement Code (KRS 45A) to ensure and maintain  operating and procurement system quality and integrity, increase public confidence in the procurement process, ensure fair and equitable treatment of the vendors and support the economy by fostering open competition.

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