Cut the Fat - Choose 1% or Less Dairy

Milk and other dairy foods, such as cheese and yogurt, provide important nutrients for health, growth and development. Dairy foods contain protein for muscles, calcium and vitamin D for strong teeth and bones and other vitamins and minerals. Low-fat milk, such as 1 percent or less fat, are suggested for ages 2 and older. 

Below are listed some of the benefits of choosing low-fat dairy foods:

  • Fewer calories for a healthier weight
  • Less saturated fat for a healthier heart
  • More calcium for strong bones, teeth and healthy blood pressure
  • Same or more amounts of vitamins A and D
Despite the health benefits of consuming low-fat or fat-free milk, most milk currently consumed is reduced-fat 2 percent or whole (full-fat). Fewer of us are consuming fat-free (skim) or low-fat (one percent) milk.

The idea that low-fat milk doesn't taste as good as milk with more fat prevents some people from using it. In blind taste tests, however, few people were able to tell the difference between the various types of reduced fat milk products and whole milk. In Kentucky, more than 5,000 people participated in the blind taste test and the vast majority surveyed chose 1 percent milk as the best tasting.

We challenge all Kentuckians to give low-fat milk and dairy products a try. We're sure you'll enjoy the flavor and the health benefits of choosing 1 percent or less.