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KY DMS encourages providers to check their revalidation due date

Once the public health emergency is lifted, providers with a past due revalidation must be brought back in compliance. KY DMS encourages providers and credentialing agents to complete and submit a revalidation as soon as possible. This will allow KY DMS to review and process revalidations in a timely manner.

See the Partner Portal Newsletter​​ for information on how to check a revalidation due date and start a revalidation.

Caller Identification and Security Verification

Due to KOG changes, the security verification process when contacting Partner Portal technical support staff has changed. Callers will need to provide the following information on all calls beginning Oct. 3, 2022:

  • KY Medicaid ID
  • Name of the organization or provider
  • National provider identifier (NPI)
  • Tax ID (federal employee identification number or Social Security number)

​​​KOG Security Upgrade

Effective Oct. 1, 2022, you will notice changes when logging into KOG, such as:

  1. The KOG log In screen is upgraded.
  2. You will be prompted to register a multi-factor authentication method, even if you did so prior to Oct. 1.
  3. Two primary authentication methods are available:
    • OKTA Verify (recommended)
    • Symantec VIP​​​​

Please view the simple steps​ to set up your KOG log in.

Automatic Withdrawal

Any applications initiated in Partner Portal and found on the users’ dashboard with In Progress or RTP status, having no activity for 120 days, automatically will be withdrawn from Partner Portal. Users will receive notifications on the dashboard alerting them of upcoming withdrawal action. These notifications will be displayed when an application in In-Progress or RTP status has no activity at 30 days and at 60 days, indicating the item will be automatically withdrawn if there is no activity for 120 days. This will impact all applications; new enrollment, change of ownership, maintenance, revalidation, reinstatement, reapplication, voluntary termination and locum tenens.​​

Returned-to-provider status applications may be withdrawn​

Applications in returned-to-provider status may be withdrawn by the user who started the application.

PT 56 Non-Emergency Transportation providers may select exempt-from-licensure license type

PT 56 Non-Emergency Transportation providers now may select the license type Exempt from Licensure on the 2.2 License Information screen. When this license type is selected state Transportation Cabinet exemption letter must be uploaded to the 8.0 Document Upload screen.

For maintenance, reappointment, reinstatement or revalidation the Exempt from Licensure record may be backdated as far as July 1, 2019, the date the exemption from operating authority went into effect. Attempts to backdate prior to July 1, 2019 will result in an error message and the process will not move forward until the error is corrected.

Revalidation warning messages

Two new warning messages have been created to appear under the following circumstances:

  1. Revalidation is required every five years. If a provider (individual, group or entity) attempts to revalidate 365 days sooner than necessary, the following message will display:
    Providers are required to revalidate every five years. Your revalidation is due [revalidation date]. Additional maintenance items cannot be submitted until this revalidation is approved by DMS. Do you wish to continue? Yes/No
    If Yes you will lose information entered on this screen and be returned to the dashboard.
  2. If a provider (individual, group or entity) clicks Exit prior to submitting a revalidation, the following message will display:
    Your revalidation period will expire in [X] days. Are you sure you want to exit this application? Yes/No
    If Yes you will lose information entered on this screen and be returned to the dashboard.

​When does a KY Medicaid claim or encounter need a taxonomy code?

A taxonomy code is required in a Loop 2000A PRV segment if the billing provider NPI is linked to multiple KY Medicaid provider IDs and provider types in the KY Medicaid Partner Portal Application during enrollment.

For more information, see the taxonomy code announcement.

Requesting an Existing KY Medicaid ID number

In the event a KY Medicaid provider does not know their existing KY Medicaid ID number, a letter can be sent to the Department for Medicaid Services, Division of Program Integrity to request an existing KY Medicaid ID. More information and instructions can be found on the Account setup/log in page.

​Updating a state license

When Kentucky Medicaid providers update their licenses, they must submit a copy of the license to Kentucky Medicaid through KY MPPA to keep their provider information updated.

Provider types listed below who update their licenses with their respective boards at least 15 working days prior to the expiration date, and no later than the last day to renew, will not be required to submit licensure verification to DMS until revalidation or maintenance is necessary. Otherwise, the license verification must be submitted to DMS through KY MPPA.

Note: Providers with out-of-state licenses must submit updated license information through the KY MPPA.

Physicians From DMS: Physicians enrolled as Kentucky Medicaid providers with active licenses due for renewal with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure and the license is set to expire Feb. 29. 2020 are advised to update their KBML licenses at least 15 days prior to the expiration date and no later than Feb. 14, 2020.

KBML is working with DMS to transmit updated license information electronically. With this new process, a copy of your KBML license no longer needs to be submitted to DMS until revalidation or maintenance is necessary.

Providers who don't update their license with the KBML 15 working days prior to the expiration date or by Feb. 14, 2020 must submit their updated licenses through KY MPPA to update their provider files. Submission of paper licenses no longer is accepted.

Note: Providers who have out-of-state license are required to submit updated license information through the KY MPPA.

MPPA Enrollment, Revalidation and Maintenance

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