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KY MPPA Web Address Changed

The KY MPPA web address (URL) changed Sept. 7, 2019.

Users who access the new KY MPPA site through KOG will be directed to the new location. Users who access KY MPPA through the Let's Get Started link will need to update their bookmark/favorite/shortcut. 

Access the KY MPPA website ​​​​​ ​​​​​ ​​​​​ ​​​​​ ​​​​​  ​​​​​

To get started and learn more about KY MPPA, visit the KY MPPA Training Resources web page.

  • Access the Training Resources Topic Map for an overview of training materials available. Use the topics menu to locate training materials in the Training Media and Training Document areas. 
  • Follow the link in the Upcoming Training Webinars section to register to attend the live webinar training series. A registration link is also available under Helpful Links.
  • Access the self-paced training plans to learn about KY MPPA on your own schedule. 

Register for your KY MPPA account by visiting the site and select Let's Get Started.

Additional Assistance

For KY MPPA inquiries, customer service representatives are available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time toll-free at (877) 838-5085.

Dial extension 1 for Technical Support

  • KY MPPA Access Issues
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  • Remote Identity Validation Issues
  • Credentialing Agent Management Issues

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Dial extension 2 for KY MPPA Program or Policy Inquiries

  • Paper Application Status
  • KY MPPA Policy and Procedures

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​Frequently Asked Questions

The KY MPPA is a CHFS initiative to streamline and automate Kentucky's current paper-based Medicaid program enrollment process. This Web-based application is a product of this effort. Upon completion and approval of an electronic application, users will be able to perform online screening, enrollment and maintenance of individual, group and entity information, among other tasks. DMS staff also will use the system to review each enrollment.

The objective of KY MPPA is to automate the provider enrollment application process to reduce the burden on providers and DMS administrative effort.

Project Benefits:

  • Upon completion of the KY MPPA enrollment process, approved providers are issued a Medicaid provider number to participate in the Kentucky Medicaid program.
  • Division of Program Integrity staff can complete enrollments and updates more quickly and efficiently and providers are able to review and update information on file with DMS using the application rather than making changes by phone.
  • KY MPPA allows providers to assign delegates to create new provider requests and complete maintenance on their behalf and allows enrollment and maintenance requests, sanction checks, certification/license verifications and individual or business data validations to be initiated online.
  • KY MPPA allows providers to create, submit and track correspondence with Program Integrity staff and reduces the number of rejected applications.
  • Provider/owner only will prepare, sign and submit the application/action.
  • Provider with credentialing agent will prepare the application/action and send to the provider; and provider will electronically sign and submit to DMS.
  • Credentialing agent only (authorized delegate) – CA authorized delegate will prepare, sign and submit the application/action for the provider
Authorized delegate option- the provider must sign the authorized delegate form and it must be uploaded into KY MPPA by the credentialing agent.