Adoption Services Branch

Adoption Services Branch

​The Adoption Services Branch is responsible for program oversight and planning in the area of adoption services. The primary focus is timely permanency planning and achievement for committed children in out of home care.


Programs and Services

​DCBS is involved in nearly every adoption that occurs in the state.  These placements include those made by licensed private agencies and independent placements. The department receives and processes copies of the adoption application and/or petition. The department also issues Foreign Adoption Certificate of Registration for all international adoptions.

The Adoption Services Branch also conducts birth parent searches for adult adoptees who are 21 years of age and older. The department is able to provide certain background information to adult adoptees and birth relatives after either a written request for non-identifying information or a court order from the court that finalized the adoption.

For help with adoption questions please call Toll Free: (800) 928-4303 or (502) 564-2147.

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