Virtual Care Team

​What is Virtual Care?

A virtual care team conference (VCTC) is a face-to-face meeting elevated into a virtual experience from the comfort of your own home. Designed for children with chronic, complex medical conditions, a child-centered approach to care coordination makes this program unique.

Using teleconferencing technology to connect to the patient, primary care providers and sub-specialty physicians come together to develop a child-centered plan of care.

All you need is an internet connection and a camera on your device.

Shared Care Planning

Children with medical complexities often have multiple care providers and professionals making decisions about their care at the same time. By using a VCTC, all of the professionals and family members involved in the child's care can come together to create one, comprehensive plan.

What happens in a VCTC?

  • Medications are reviewed
  • Treatment options are clarified
  • Questions are answered
  • Family resources, strengths, and challenges are addressed
  • Goals are identified
  • Comprehensive plan is written

The VCTC Wagon Wheel

updatedwagonwheel.pngThe most accurate way to visualize a virtual care team conference is as a wagon wheel. At the center of this wheel is the child. The child's medical complexities and needs are the priority. 

The spokes of the wagon wheel are the care providers. The VCTC program is unique in way each care provider works with the others to create a personalized plan for the care of the patient.

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