HIV/AIDS Reporting and Statistics

​​​​​​​Reporting HIV/AIDS cases is vitally important to efforts to characterize the epidemic in Kentucky, gather resources to fight HIV disease, target limited resources to maximize benefits and uncover clusters of HIV transmission as soon as possible. Funding for HIV-related medical services and treatment is directly related to the number of cases reported.

How do I report a case?

​To report a case by phone, please call the
HIV/AIDS Case Reporting Line at 1 (866) 510-0008
and speak to any of the following staff:

Manny Singh, Sydney Richardson, Mickayla Conner, Destiny Carte, Shaw Powell or Bob Ford

To report by mail, please place case report forms (available below) inside two sealed envelopes, both marked Confidential, and addressed to:​​​

Kentucky Department for Public Health
Attn: Surveillance
275 E. Main St., HS2E-C
Frankfort, KY 40621

Please do not fax confidential information.

Kentucky Department for Public Health follows the provisions of 902 KAR 2:020 §16. Reportable Disease Surveillance (section 16, page 12).

We cannot guarantee the accuracy or current status of CDC forms and other CDC resources linked on this page. For the most current guidelines/guidance and forms, please visit the CDC HIV Case Reporting and Surveillance web page

Adult HIV Confidential Case Report Form
(Patients 13 or older at the time of diagnosis)

Fillable Adult Confidential Case Report Form
(Please complete, save, print and mail to the address above)

Pediatric HIV Confidential Case Report Form
(Patients younger than 13 at the time of diagnosis)

Fillable Pediatric Confidential Case Report Form
(Please complete, save, print and mail to the address above)

CDC HIV Surveillance Guidelines

Addressing HIPAA and Public Health Reporting
HIPAA and the obligation of providers to report notifiable diseases

For assistance determining a client's risk factor, please read
CDC Technical Guidance for Risk Factor Ascertainment

Please refer to HIV/AIDS Resources for a complete list of KY HIV/AIDS legislation and regulations.

HIV/AIDS Annual Surveillance Reports

HIV/AIDS Annual Surveillance Report 2023

HIV/AIDS Annual Surveillance Report 2022

HIV/AIDS Annual Surveillance Report 2021

HIV/AIDS Annual Surveillance Report 2020

HIV/AIDS Annual Surveillance Report 2019

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the current annal report (while supplies last) please visit this link and submit your name and address.

For older reports, please contact Bob Ford, surveillance coordinator at (502) 564-8768.

​​​Data Requests

​For HIV specific data requests, please complete and submit this form to Bob Ford:

HIV Data Request Form

Epidemiological Profile

KY HIV/AIDS Integrated Epidemiological Profile 2022

HIV Continuum of Care Report

Kentucky HIV Continuum of Care Report 2022

Kentucky HIV Continuum of Care Report 2021

Kentucky HIV Continuum of Care Report 2020

Latest Data Report

Data Trends - February 2024

Data Trends - Decemer 2023

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Fact Sheets
Fact Sheet | Kentucky: HIV and Male-to-Male Sexual Contact - July 2022 

Fact Sheet | Kentucky: HIV and African Americans - July 2022

Fact Sheet | Kentucky: HIV and Concurrent AIDS Diagnosis - February 2023

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Forms Relevant to KRS 214.620

What You Should Know about HIV/AIDS

Lo Que Usted Debe Saber Sobre El VIH/SIDA

Additional Information