KORE GPRA Data Collection and Grant Compliance

KORE GPRA Data Collection and Grant Compliance

​​​​​​​​​​​GPRA Data Collection in WITS

SOR-funded providers delivering treatment and/or recovery support services are required to complete GPRA interviews with clients who receive KORE-funded services. This data collection is essential for compliance with the SAMHSA SOR grant program and tracking the outcomes of KORE's Kentucky opioid response programs and services.

GPRA data collection informs a) programs of their client's outcomes, b) the effectiveness of KORE-funded programs, c) the Commonwealth of Kentucky and SAMHSA of grant accountability and d) Congress of its federal investment. The target GPRA follow-up rate is 80 percent. Additionally, at least 80 percent of individuals completing an intake interview also should complete a six-month follow-up interview. Six-month GPRA follow-ups should be completed on all clients who complete an intake GPRA regardless of program discharge status. Clients no longer receiving services still are eligible for six-month GPRA follow-ups and calculated in the compliance rate. Clients should not be disenrolled from a WITS program until the six-month follow-up is completed or the six-month follow-up window closes.

To ensure KORE-funded programs have a secure platform to capture client services data, KORE partners with FEI Systems to make the Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (WITS) system available to programs submitting GPRA interviews. The WITS system is compliant with requirements that include the Federal Information Security Management Act, HIPAA/ Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act for securing personal health information, and general best practices for the protection of sensitive corporate data.

Do You Need a WITS Account?

Yes. WITS is the mechanism for entering client information. To monitor and review reports and enter GPRA interviews, programs must have individual staff accounts in WITS.

Request a WITS account and submit your request form to the GPRA technical assistant or contact your implementation specialist.​​

Interested in GPRA Training?

Training and technical assistance for WITS are provided by our implementation specialists and data coordinator. An online, user-friendly recorded training walks users through the WITS Workflow. The Tips Guide is linked below. Weekly technical assistance, called Office Hours, is offered via Zoom. The Office Hours schedule is posted in WITS under Announcements or you can contact your implementation specialist for more information about the schedule. You also may email to request one-on-one training. For one-on-one training, email GPRA Technical Assistance.​


Additional Resources

Please review the following WITS and GPRA training and technical assistance materials.​


Getting Started

Completing Follow-ups and Referrals​


Log in to WITS for announcements on weekly GPRA training and office hours.​

Additional Resources

Have Questions?

Please submit your inquiry to the WITS technical assistant at KORE or contact your implementati​on specialist​​​​ if you have questions about GPRA data collection,  schedule GPRA data collection training or access your account.

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