Division of Program Performance

Division of Program Performance


The Division of Program Performance has three branches:  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) QC Review Branch, the Public Assistance Quality Control Review (PAQC) Branch and the Program Enhancement (PE) Branch, which consists of the Management Evaluation (ME) and Program Access and Compliance (PAC) sections. 

The Quality Control and Management Evaluation systems are federally mandated for SNAP. The Quality Control system also is the monitoring system for the Medical Assistance Program, Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP), Kentucky Works Program (KWP) and the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)  (7CFR 275.2.)

Both Quality Control and Management Evaluation perform a continuous review of a statistically reliable, random, statewide sample of active and denied/discontinued cases. The review provides data on the accuracy with which local agency staff apply state eligibility and payment requirements as both a management tool for state and federal administrators and a fiscal audit to ensure the propriety of expenditures. This data also helps direct development of strategies to improve the delivery of services and promote self-sufficiency. SNAP enhanced funding (a bonus states receive for low error rates) and financial sanctions are determined by these review processes along with county and regional corrective action plans. Approximately 8,500 reviews are conducted annually by the division.

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Performance Enhancement Branch

The ME section completes reviews for the SNAP program to ensure local office eligibility requirements comply with state/federal policies and regulations. ME staff also conducts exit conferences with DCBS field staff to discuss findings compiled during the reviews and assists in writing corrective actions plans to reduce any high error trends. The PAC section works to ensure local DCBS offices provide proper access to SNAP recipients. Interviews are conducted with applicants, DCBS eligibility staff and local/state community partners covering topics including civil rights compliance, limited English proficiency signage/support availability, ombudsman contact information and DCBS call services.      

Public Assistance Quality Control Review Branch

The PAQC Branch conduct reviews of Medical assistance KTAP, KWP and CCAP. Staff completes a randomly selected set of reviews each month to help determine procedural, system and error trends in these programs. Staff currently conducts phone interviews for both lonjg-term care and Medicare Savings Program cases.

Documentation/verification is gathered from interviews and compared to data recorded by eligibility staff. Desk reviews are completed on both MAGI Medicaid and KTAP/KWP cases. Child care reviews completed by PAQC staff are examined to determine if eligibility and co-pay amounts are correctly assigned. Information gathered is used to identify error trends and allows other sections/departments to pursue collections of overpayments and develop better training for current and incoming staff.

SNAP Quality Control Review Branch

The SNAP QC Branch conducts reviews of SNAP cases only, conducting face-to-face interviews with recipients as a program requirement (7CFR 275.12.)  During these interviews, information is gathered, collateral contacts are made and all information is used to verify the case decision, eligibility and payment-related data. This information then is transmitted to the Food and Nutrition Services which conducts another level of review to determine the accuracy of the state reviews and monitor error trends.  Data compiled from the reviews is used to calculate the national payment error rate which helps determine the funding states receive for the SNAP program.

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