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This research group is responsible for generating outcome indicators for the Process Improvement Plan and Family to Family, performing comparative and descriptive statistical analysis for all department programs, implementing a customer satisfaction survey process and providing leadership to the Continuous Quality Improvement process.

Family Preservation Program Evaluation

Kentucky’s Family Preservation Program (FPP) refers globally to an array of short-term crisis interventions designed to reduce abuse and neglect, maintain children safely in their home, improve parenting capacity, and facilitate the safe and timely return home for a child in out-of-home care (OOHC). FPP service is available in every county (120 counties) through a state network of non-profit contract agencies with coordination and referral to FPP at the regional DCBS office. Using provider-collected data, FPP coordinators and providers document the contractual outcomes of the program.

In June 2006, an expanded, comprehensive program evaluation of FPP was initiated to compare the referral characteristics of families served or not served through FPP and to examine the statewide effects of FPP on child and family outcomes. The results show that FPP services are provided to families with high risks, young children and more chronic involvement with CPS services. This study also illustrated that FPP is a diverse service program that serves families with chronic needs. FPP services are successful in reducing entry to OOHC, speeding reunification for children, and promoting family well being.

Foster Care FACTS

In spring 2006, we began development and dissemination of single page FACT sheets from existing TWIST reports.