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Division of Regulated Child Care (DRCC)

Susan Hayes, Director

275 E. Main St., 5E-F
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-7962
Fax: (502) 564-9350

The Division of Regulated Child Care is responsible for licensing and investigating complaints against child day-care programs, residential child caring facilities and child-placing agencies. The division also is responsible for certifying and investigating complaints against certified family child-care homes. 

To apply for a license to operate a child-care center, residential child caring facility, a child-placing agency or a certification for a certified child care home please contact the Division of Regulated Child Care at  (502) 564-7962.

Child care centers can be licensed as either a Type I center or Type II center/home. If care is provided in a dwelling for 13 or more children or in a non-dwelling for four or more children, the center is a Type I. If care is provided in a dwelling (which is your home) for up to 12 children, the center/home is considered a Type II. The fee for initial licensing for both Type I and Type II centers is $50. The annual license renewal fee is $25. The certification fee for a certified family child care home is $10.

The licensing fee for residential child caring and child-placing facilities is $100 for initial licensing and $50 for the annual renewal.

The regional offices of the Division of Regulated Child Care are responsible for conducting on-site visits of all licensed child-care centers and certified homes in the state to determine compliance with applicable licensing and certification regulations. Complaints concerning these centers and certified homes are investigated by regional office staff.

General Information

To find out how to report a complaint against a licensed child-care center or a certified home, please follow this link to Complaint Information.

Documents needed to become a licensed child-care provider/certified family child-care home:

Application for Licensed Child Care Provider

Application for Certified Family Child Care Provider

It is important to remember a license for a child-care center cannot not be sold or transferred to another person, association or organization.

A change of ownership requires written notification to be submitted to the Cabinet for approval prior to implementation. If a person, association or organization takes over the ownership of a child care center without Cabinet approval, the child care center is considered to be illegal. The Cabinet will take action to cease the operation of any child care center operating without a license.

To apply for a license to operate a residential child caring facility or child placing agency, please click here.

Regional Offices

Child-Caring/Child-Placing Enforcement Branch

(Group Homes, Institutions, Private Foster Care Agencies and Private Adoption Agencies)
Melissa Moore, Regional Program Manager (statewide)

Western Enforcement Region
Felisa Coleman, Regional Program Manager
Western State Hospital
2400 Russellville Road
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
Phone: (270) 889-6052
Fax: (270) 889-6088 or (270) 889-6089

Northern Enforcement Region
Theresa Harvey, Regional Program Manager
L&N Building, 10-W
908 W. Broadway
Louisville, KY 40203
Phone: (502) 595-5781
Fax: (502) 595-5773

Southern Enforcement Region
Susan Whittaker, Regional Program Manager
116 Commerce Ave.
London, KY 40744
Phone: (606) 330-2030
Fax: (606) 330-2056

Eastern Enforcement Region
Betty J. Short, Regional Program Manager
1055 Wellington Way, Suite 125
Lexington, KY 40513
Phone: (859) 246-2301
Fax: (859) 246-2768

DRCC Directories

Listings for all licensed child care centers, certified family child care homes

Public Child Care Provider Search

Listings for all licensed child caring/placing facilities and agencies

Child Caring Facilities Directory (Group Homes/Institutions)

Child Placing Agencies Directory (Private Adoption/Private Foster Care)

Parent Resources


Regulations for Child Care Centers and Homes

Licensed Child Care Center Regulations (effective March and April 2013)

090reg Child-care center licensure

110reg Child-care center provider requirements

120reg Child-care center health and safety standards

190reg Civil Penalties

Certified Family Child Care Home  Regulations (effective March 2013)

100reg Certification of family child-care homes


Public and Provider Resources


Child Safety Information (24/7 information, support and referral line)

STARS for KIDS NOW (Quality Rating System)

Child Care Resource and Referral

KY Consumer Product Safety Program 

Please post this at your licensed child care center - Consumer Product Safety Flyer


Last Updated 8/31/2016