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KASPER (Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting)

KASPER Technical Support

For KASPER technical support including system problems, password resets, or to update your account information, please contact the KASPER help desk at (502) 564-2703 or e-mail.

Practitioner Training Available

Practitioner training on KASPER and controlled substance prescribing that meets the requirements of House Bill 1 is now available on the University of Kentucky CE Central website: UK CE Central .

KASPER Report Error Correction Process

If there are erroneous controlled substance prescription records on a KASPER report, the patient or provider should contact the dispenser to determine if the information was reported accurately. The dispenser can correct information reported in error. If the dispenser certifies that the information was reported accurately, the patient or provider can contact the Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch at (502) 564-7985 to investigate the error.

KASPER Tips for Providers

KASPER Tips - Controlled Substance Prescribing Part 1 [PDF - 110K]

KASPER Tips - Controlled Substance Prescribing Part 2 [PDF - 121K]

KASPER Tips - Interpreting KASPER Reports [PDF - 72K]

KASPER Tips - Reducing Manual Process Reports [PDF - 72K]

KASPER Tips - Reverse KASPER [PDF - 84K]

How do I Access KASPER?

Individual KASPER Accounts

KASPER access is for practitioners, dispensers, law enforcement officials and licensure boards.

Send paper KASPER account applications with all required supporting documentation to:

Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch
KASPER Registration

275 E. Main St., 5E-D
Frankfort, KY 40621

For questions or assistance with applying for a KASPER account, please contact the KASPER administrator by e-mail or phone (502) 564-7985.

KASPER Institutional Accounts

KASPER Institutional Accounts for hospitals and long term care facilities are now available. Institutions may submit eKASPER Institutional Master Account applications using the following Microsoft Word application forms. The downloadable application packages include instructions for completing the application, the eKASPER institutional account agreement, the application form, and the planned application approval schedule.

Institutional Master Account Application - Electronic [MS Word - 48K]  This document can be completed electronically.

Institutional Master Account Application - Hardcopy [MS Word - 47K]  This document can be completed by hand.

Instructions for eKASPER Institutional Master Account Holders to complete their initial login to eKASPER and to create institutional delegate accounts are contained in the following document: Institutional Master Account Instructions [PDF 1.27MB]

Instructions for eKASPER Institutional Delegate Account holders are included in the following document: Institutional Account Delegate Instructions [PDF - 1.05MB] 

KASPER Contacts and Dispenser Reporting Information

KASPER is administered by the Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch (DEPPB) at (502) 564-7985.

Staff members from the Office of Inspector General are available to conduct informational presentations on KASPER for civic groups and KASPER training sessions for health care organizations.

Reporting Administered or Dispensed Controlled Substances to KASPER

Pharmacies and other providers who administer or dispense controlled substances in Kentucky are required to report to KASPER within one business day of the dispensing or administration as provided for under KRS 218A.202 and 902 KAR 55:110. Health Information Designs (HID) serves as the data collection agent for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Exemptions to the reporting requirement are listed in the dispenser implementation guide.

KASPER Dispenser Implementation Guide ASAP 4.2 [PDF - 1.09MB] 

Please contact HID for information and guidance on reporting dispensed controlled substance information to KASPER. HID can be reached by email or phone at (855) 263-6402 or visit the HID - KASPER Data Collection website.

What is KASPER?

Abuse, misuse, diversion and illegal sale of prescription drugs are some of the largest threats facing the safety and welfare of the citizens of Kentucky.

What is KASPER? The Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER) tracks controlled substance prescriptions dispensed within the state. A KASPER report shows all scheduled prescriptions for an individual over a specified time period, the prescriber and the dispenser. Enhanced KASPER (eKASPER) provides Web-based access to KASPER data.

KASPER is a reporting system designed to be:

  • A source of information for practitioners and pharmacists.
  • An investigative tool for law enforcement.

KASPER is not intended to:

  • Prevent people from obtaining needed drugs.
  • Decrease the number of doses dispensed.

Who can obtain a KASPER report?

Access to the KASPER system is carefully controlled through identity and credential checks and secure web access. Access to KASPER is available to the health care professionals and other entities listed below:

  • Prescribers for medical treatment of a patient,
  • Dispensers for pharmaceutical treatment of a patient,
  • Law enforcement officers for a bona fide drug-related investigation,
  • Commonwealth's attorneys and assistant Commonwealth's attorneys, county attorneys and assistant county attorneys, 
  • Licensure boards for an investigation of a licensee,
  • Medicaid for utilization review on a recipient,
  • A grand jury by subpoena, and
  • A judge or probation or parole officer administering a drug diversion or probation program.

How do I recognize a prescription drug problem?

Prescription drug addiction warning signs include:

Physical: Fatigue, repeated health complaints, red and glazed eyes and a lasting cough

Emotional: Personality change, sudden mood changes, low self-esteem, irritability, irresponsible behavior, poor judgment, depression, general lack of interest

Family: Starting arguments, breaking rules, withdrawing from the family

School or Work: Decreased interest, negative attitude, many absences, truancy, visiting many doctors

Social Problems: New anti-social friends, problems with the law, withdrawal from friends


From Detecting Alcoholism: The CAGE Questionnaire by J.A. Ewing, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 252(14):1905-1907, 1984
Take the CAGE Test

Assessing Prescription Drug Use Problems - Four Simple Questions

  • Have you ever felt the need to Cut down on your use of prescription drugs?
  • Have you ever felt Annoyed by remarks your friends or loved ones made about your use of prescription drugs?
  • Have you ever felt Guilty or remorseful about your use of prescription drugs?
  • Have you Ever used prescription drugs as a way to "get going" or to "calm down?"

Two or more affirmative answers may indicate probable drug addiction. Any single affirmative answer deserves further evaluation. Please discuss the results with your doctor or other health care professional.

How do I Learn More or Obtain Help?

If you need immediate assistance, contact:

Substance Abuse Hot Line (888) 729-8028

Additional resources for help and information:

Support for friends and family of abusers:

KASPER Links and Resources
KASPER Documents and Forms
KASPER Quarterly Trend Reports

KASPER Trend Report Q1 2011 [PDF - 1.2MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q2 2011 [PDF - 1.2MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q3 2011 [PDF - 1.2MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q4 2011 [PDF - 1.8MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q1 2012 [PDF - 1.8MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q2 2012 [PDF - 1.8MB]

KASPER Trend Report 3Q 2012 [PDF - 1.8MB]

KASPER Trend Report 4Q 2012 [PDF - 1.8MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q1 2013 [PDF - 1.6MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q2 2013 [PDF - 1.6MB]

KASPER Trend Report Q3 2013 [PDF - 1.6MB]

Earlier KASPER Trend Reports can be obtained by contacting the Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch at the phone number above.


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